photo by Indira Nanavati Cadena

A canny electro-technician who adds synth, prepared piano, cassette player, and tin cans into this delightfully weird modern mistura fina. Haynes' myriad electronic instruments and a lonely electric guitar which blends gleaming sonorities with soaring gestures and dramatically free and volatile improvisation.
-Raul da Gama, The WholeNote, 2017

Justin Haynes is a Toronto-based guitarist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, home-recordist, occasional writer, bricoleur, artist, arts-administrator and activist. He is active as a performer playing improvised and experimental music, jazz, new-music, original and traditional british folk music, alt-pop, alt-country and post-punk. He has composed dozens of compositions for soloists and ensembles, songs, scores, soundtracks and installations; toured nationally and internationally; and contributed to dozens of recordings and performances with songwriters (Mary Margaret O'Hara, Lonnie Holley, Mia Sheard, Oh Susanna; improvisers (John Oswald, Jean Derome, Bernard Falaise, Christine Duncan, Ryan Driver); jazz musicians (Kirk MacDonald, Donny McCaslin, Kevin Turcotte, Remi Bolduc);composers (Anthony Braxton, Nicole Lizee, Malcolm Goldstein, Martin Arnold); video artist Renee Lear; painter Shannon Partridge; ceramic artist Janet Macpherson); filmmakers (Andrew Connors, Mitch Miyagawa, Saul Rubinek); interdisciplinary artists (Anne Troake, Lois Brown, Josh Thorpe and Eric Cazdyn)and producers (Jean Martin, David Travers-Smith, Malcolm Burn, Ross Murray). He is a member of Sorry About My Friend, The Misunderstandings, Mermaids, Submutations, Organballoon, Freedman, Glamour Nails, Nick Fraser & Justin Haynes are Faking it, John Southworth and the South Seas and Blah Blah 666. He has worked as a teacher and facilitator privately, and at university/highschool workshops as well as with artists diagnosed with developmental disabilities at Keys to the Studios; and those struggling with mental health issues and/or addiction at Workman Arts.

Justin’s musical imagination wonderfully blurs the boundaries between musical genres and practices. Concepts like high versus low art or popular music versus art music are rendered profoundly irrelevant by the specificity of the music he offers a listener. His music can be invitingly, generously beautiful and brain-bendingly experimental all at the same time. -Martin Arnold 

Selected Discography:
● Myk Freedman & Justin Haynes - Lead & Guide (music of Justin Orok) - guitarist/recordist
● Justin Haynes - A Good Man is Hard to Find (remixes of music of Ken Aldcroft) (s/r) - producer
● Justin Haynes - Virtuoso (the music of Stephen Parkinson) (s/r) - guitar, recordist
● Justin Haynes - Bim (Radical translations of music by Rob Clutton) (s/r) - synths
● Justin Haynes - Solo Piano (s/r) - piano
● Lina Allemano & Justin Haynes - Glamour Nails (s/r) - improviser, multi-instrumentalist, recordist
● Nick Fraser - Nick Fraser plays the compositions of Justin Haynes (s/r) - composer, recordist
● Ryan Driver - Careless Thoughts (Tin Angel) - arranger
● ORGANBALLOON - Roman Missal (s/r) - improviser, organist
● Helene Beaulieu & Justin Haynes - Magnus Hitch, Filters (s/r) - guitarist, composer, recordist
● Rebecca Flood - Ponies Under Darkness (s/r) - mixing/mastering engineer
● Christopher D’arcy Wright - Pet Psychics (s/r) - multi-instrumentalist, composer, recordist
● Perrera/Pariah - Live at Somewhere There (s/r) - unamplified electric guitar and toys
● Happy Birthday by You, Me and Stephen (s/r) -guitarist, composer, recordist, producer
● Sienna Dahlen - Verglas (Justin Time) - guitarist
● 71et Andrew Downing/Brodie West/Justin Haynes (s/r) - fretless guitarist
● Oh Susanna - Soon The Birds (Six Shooter) - guitarist, pianist
● Kim Beggs - (unreleased) - guitarist, pianist
● Anna Siddall - The Day (s/r) - pianist
● Mia Sheard - Curse of the Vorus (s/r) - guitarist, pianist
● The Bob Standard - Out Of Nowhere (Urban Meadow) - guitarist
● Jennifer Moore - Twig (s/r) - guitarist
● Frank Horvath - I Can See You - guitarist
● Ryan Driver Quintet - Glamour (Bennifer Editions) - organist
● John Southworth - Niagara (Barnyard/Tin Angel) - guitarist, pianist
● Kim Barlow - Lucky Burden (Caribou) - guitarist, songwriter, pianist
● Kim Barlow - Saplings (Caribou) - guitarist
● Jamie Ward - Tourist Town (s/r) - producer, recordist, multi-instrumentalist
● John Southworth - The Pillow Maker - guitarist, pianist, organist
● Men In Love - Men In Love (s/r) - improviser, guitarist
● Martin & Haynes - Freedman (Barnyard) - ukulele
● AIMToronto Orchestra Year of the Boar - (Barnyard) - composer
● John Southworth - Yosemite - guitarist
● Martin/Haynes & Driver - Freedman Live at the Western Front (Barnyard) - ukulele
● Nick Fraser - Owls in Daylight (Mutable) - guitarists, pianist, electronic sound maker
● Nick Fraser & Justin Haynes Are Faking It (Mutable) - guitar
● Rebecca Campbell - The Sweetest Noise (s/r) -producer, recordist, arranger, songwriter, vocalist
● Rebecca Campbell - Tug (Festival) - guitarist, pianist, arranger
● Bernardo Pardon - Tales of la Juana (s/r) - guitarist
● Tena Palmer - Not Drowning...Waving (s/r) - composer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist
● Ryan Driver - Feeler of Pure Joy (rat-drifting) - guitarist
● Snailhouse - s/t s/r - guitarist
● Jean Martin Trio - Get Together Weather (Unity/Page) - guitarist
● Dan Goldman - Through a Revolution - producer, recordist, beat maker, multi-instrumentalist
● Andrew Downing - The Great Uncles of the Revolution (Black Hen) - guitarist
● Andrew Downing - Campfire Songs (s/r) - guitarist
● AIM Toronto Orchestra Live in Guelph w/ Anthony Braxton (Spool) - guitarist, harmonica player
● Barnyard Drama - I’m a Navvy (Barnyard) - guitarist
● Ruth Moody - The Garden (Red House) - multi-instrumentlist
● The Wailin’ Jennys - Bright Morning Stars (Red House) - guitarist
● Jordan O'Conner - Falling Forward - guitarist, electronics sound maker
● Blah Blah 666 - It’s Only Life (Barnyard) - composer, guitarist, melodica player
● Jean Martin Trio - At The Farm (Barnyard) - guitar, found sound
● Barnyard Christmas Sing-A-Long Vol 1-10 (Barnyard) -composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist
● Justin Haynes & Helene Beaulieu - Magnus Hitch (s/r digital only) - guitar
● Another Country - This Town Needs Another Country (s/r) - guitar

Selected Commissioned Compositions for Ensembles and Soloists:
● 2015 30 Solos for Nick Fraser the Drummer
● 2014 20 songs based on text by Dr. Seuss for The Grubbs
● 2014 Magnus Hitch, Filters Guitar Duets for Helene Beaulieu & Justin Haynes
● 2013 Jack and Joan for Element Choir and CONTACT Ensemble
● 2012 Progress and Poverty for Array Music Ensemble
● 2011 Circles Over Labrador for AIM Toronto Orchestra with Evan Parker
● 2010 Year of the Boar, Is it better when I do it like this? for AIM Toronto Orchestra
● 2008 An Aurora Borealis and all Men out of Jail for Eclipse Quartet
● 2007 Empty Orchestra for Lafayette Quartet 
● 2006 Songs (written and co-written) for/with Rebecca Campbell & Kim Barlow
● 2005-2015 multiple songs for Barnyard Records Christmas Sing-Along Vol. 1-10
● 2000-present jazz tunes for Blah Blah 666, This Tranquil Life, RE: Frayne Quartet, Justin
   Haynes Trio, Lover's Instrument and other ad hoc groups

Selected Film/Theatre Soundtracks/Sound Design
● 2015 OutSideIn (dir. Anne Troake) w/Jean Martin & Ross Murray
● 2012 My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers (dir. Anne Troake) 
● 2010 Trailer – Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival
● 2011 Saviour – (dir. Gerald Mackenzie)
● 2010 Artifacts - (dir. Andrew Connors)
● 2009 Keno City - (dir. Andrew Connors)
● 2008 Our Town Faro - (dir. Mitch Miyagawa, National Film Board)
● 2007 Pretty Big Dig - (dir. Anne Troake, BRAVO)
● 2004 Beaux Gestes & Beautiful Deeds (by Marie-Lynn Hammond for Pleiades Theatre)
● 2003 Andrew’s Tree (dir. Lynda Hill for Theatre Direct Canada)
● 2002 Counterfeit Secrets (by Marivaux, translated by John Van Burek for Pleiades Theatre)
● 2001 The Triumph of Love (by Marivaux, translated by John Van Burek for Pleiades Theatre)
● 2001 Portrait of an Unidentified Man (dir. Brian Quirt for Sleeping Dog)
● 2000 The Whirlpool (dir. Brian Quirt for Nightswimming)
● 2002 Counterfeit Secrets (Marivaux, translated by John Van Burek for Pleiades Theatre)
● 2001 The Triumph of Love (Marivaux, translated by John Van Burek for Pleiades Theatre)
● 2000 The Game of Love and Chance (Marivaux)

Interdisciplinary Work (including installation/live video/animation/performance):
● 2016 A Canadian Bestiary - Gardiner Museum (sound artist)
● 2015 Balloons of India - Hub 14 (sound artist)
● 2014 Endless House - on-line stop-time/music with Shannon Partridge
● 2015 Hands on Hands Off (live video/improvisation) Renee Lear
● 2014 Feverdreams - Anne Troake (Ottawa Festival of New Dance)
● 2013 Nick Fraser & Justin Haynes are Faking It - Nightswimming Pure Research
● 2012 The Pump dir. Cabot McNenly, Reel Indie Film Fest (actor)

Notable Musical Performances:
● Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (PQ)
● Sound Symposium (St. Johns, NFLD)
● Nuit Blanche (Toronto, ON)
● Ottawa Chamber Music Festival (Ottawa, ON)
● Long Winter (Toronto, ON)
● Festival of New Dance (Halifax, NS)
● Reykjavik Jazz Festival (IS)
● All Canadian Jazz Festivals (CAN)
● RE:FLUX Festival of Music and Sound Art (Moncton, NB)
● Sappy Fest, OK Quoi? (Sackville, NB)
● Dawson City Music Festival (Dawson City, YUK)
● Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, ON)
● South X Southwest (Austin TX),
● WOMAD (Seattle, WA)
● Port Fairy Folk Festival (AUS)

● 2012 - 2013: Offerings Magazine (Toronto, ON):
Martin Arnold's Bottom Line
Allison Cameron: The Economist
Nick Fraser's Struggle
Rich Brown's Facebook Drama
Before Not The Wind Not The Flag there was Triumph - An Interview w/ Rik Emmett
Before Not The Wind Not The Flag there was Bill Orcutt

● 2014 Gibraltar Point Centre for The Arts Toronto, ON
● 2013 National Music Centre, Calgary AB
● 2010 Longest Night, Whitehorse, YK

Grants / Awards:
● 1994 - present: Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, Ottawa Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council                               and Factor grants for study, composition, recording, touring and travel

Principal Teachers (private study):
● 2014 Christopher Butterfield (Victoria, BC)
● 2012 Martin Arnold (Toronto, ON)
● 2006 Gary Peacock (Neversink, NY)
● 2005 Ralph Towner (Seattle, Washington)
● 2000 Roddy Ellias (Ottawa, ON/Antigonish, NS)

Formal Education:
● 1997-1998 Bachelor of Arts program University of Ottawa
● 1998-1999 Bachelor of Arts program Carleton University

Teaching Positions and Workshops:
● 2011-2013 Workman Arts Toronto, ON
● 2008-2011 Keys to the Studio Toronto, ON
● 2006-2009 Jazzworks Canada Christie Lake, ON/Montreal, PQ
● 2005 Carleton University, University of Victoria, St. Francis Xavier University