Justin Haynes is a Toronto-based guitarist, pianist, sound artist, composer, teacher, home-recordist, and occasional writer. He is active as a performer playing improvised and experimental music, jazz, new-music, original and traditional British folk music, alt-pop, alt-country and post-punk. He has composed dozens of compositions for soloists and ensembles, songs, scores, soundtracks and installations; toured nationally and internationally; and contributed to dozens of recordings and performances with songwriters (Mary Margaret O'Hara, Lonnie Holley, Mia Sheard, Oh Susanna, Little Annie, Ryan Driver, Kim Barlow); improvisers (John Oswald, Jean Derome, Brian Ruryk, Lori Freedman, Peggy Lee); composers (Anthony Braxton, Nicole Lizee, Malcolm Goldstein, Howard Shore, Martin Arnold); jazz musicians (Kirk MacDonald, Kevin Turcotte, Donny McCaslin, Roddy Ellias), video artists Renee Lear and Shannon Partridge; ceramic artist Janet Macpherson); and interdisciplinary artists (Anne Troake, Lois Brown, Josh Thorpe and Eric Cazdyn). He is a member of Sorry About My Friend, The Misunderstandings, Mermaids, Submutations, Organballoon, Freedman, Glamour Nails, Nick Fraser & Justin Haynes are Faking it, John Southworth and the South Seas and frequently leads his own diverse ad hoc groups. He has worked as a facilitator with artists with developmental disabilities at Keys to the Studios; as well those struggling with mental health issues and/or addiction at Workman Arts.

Justin’s musical imagination wonderfully blurs the boundaries between musical genres and practices. Concepts like high versus low art or popular music versus art music are rendered profoundly irrelevant by the specificity of the music he offers a listener. His music can be invitingly, generously beautiful and brain-bendingly experimental all at the same time. -Martin Arnold



Feb 5 Emmet Ray w/Best Man (Felicity Williams/Ryan Driver & John Oswald)

Feb 7 Available Light Festival Whitehorse YK w/Kim Beggs

Feb 8 Hamilton & Son Whitehorse YK solo workshop

Feb 10 KIAC Dawson City solo

Feb 12 KIAC Dawson City workshop

Feb 14 Emmet Ray w/Jim Sexton

Feb 18 The Rex Justin Haynes Quintet w/ Ryan Driver, Mike Milligan, Jim Sexton, Jeff la Rochelle

March 6 Belljar w/Brian Ruryk

March 8 GATE 403 Justin Haynes Quartet w/ Jeff la Rochelle, Ryan Driver, Phil Melanson)

March 9 Stone Soup Ryan Driver & Jeff La Rochelle

March 22 GATE 403 Justin Haynes Quintet w/Alex Samaras, Jeff Larochelle, Ryan Driver, Andrew Miller

March 29 GATE 403 Justin Haynes Quintet Virginia Frigault-MacDonald, Ted Crosby, Josh Cole, Andrew Miller

April 28 Pilot Tavern Kevin Turcotte Quartet w/ Jim Vivian & Ted Warren

June 14-20 Nova Scotia Tour w/ Kim Barlow

June 16 Allen Lambert Galleria w/ Tim Brady Ensemble

June 29 Harbourfront Centre w/ Kim Beggs